You can try Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation

The Path to a Healthy Life

Most of us are busy trying to balance work, family, and many other daily tasks. Because of this, the choice to make a lifestyle change isn’t a simple one. Breaking old habits and adopting new ones, whether you are looking to add movement to your life, or to make a dietary change and eat healthy, can be a long and difficult process. Even so, with a few simple tips, the path to a healthy life can be much simpler.
So where do we start?
After deciding to make a change, the first step is to believe you can do it. Identify the "unhealthy habits" in your life that you want to change, and think about why you want to change them – take responsibility for those changes!
Second, distance negative influences from your life, whether they are social media, cigarettes, or even a person that delays your progress. Ignore negative thoughts that lower your self-esteem, and replace them with positive ones. Know and accept that this takes time, and there might be setbacks. Just keep working hard, it does not happen overnight, so give yourself plenty of time.
Third, choose achievable goals for yourself, start small and tackle each goal one at a time. Small goals are easier to accomplish and eventually will lead to your main goal.
But above all, remember to breathe. We know it sounds simple and basic, yet scientific research shows that controlled breathing can help relieve stress and tension. When we are stressed, our breathing patterns change.
Usually, a person in stress breaths short and shallow breaths with the use of their shoulders and not the diaphragm. This prevents air movement within the lungs and disrupts the balance of gasses in the body. When a person is calm, breathing happens through the nose in a slow, calm, and gentle manner. This breathing pattern calms the nervous system, which decreases involuntary bodily functions.
Try Yoga, Tai Chi, or Meditation, all of which use the power of breathing to induce relaxation and decrease tension, and decide which is best for you. You would be surprised how proper breathing affects daily life and how much change it can bring.