Our Story

ANDA means spirit, in the sense of manner or style; spirit of love and harmony, calmness of mind - it’s a way of living.

We started from the love for movement, the desire for fashion and the will to preserve our environment - these principles guide us in every step we take.

We believe that fashion doesn't have to come over functionality or comfort, on the contrary, we adore comfort and try to express it in all our designs. Our clothes are made so they will help you take the best out of your practice, because our goal is to make you move with ease.

All of our clothes & packages are made from natural and recycled materials. We believe in slow fashion, taking our time, planning wisely and investing countless thoughts and care in every little detail or cut. We care about nature and we try to reduce its damage as much as possible.

But above all, we believe in the power of community to create change and we wanted to find people who want to join us on the journey.

We believe we can do it together, so thank you for joining.

Our Team

ANDA was created by four friends who came together to make change in the fashion industry and spread their love of movement and innovation. Through the different backgrounds of each team member – design, technology, humanities, and the arts – each ones brings their own knowledge, experience, and inner world. In addition, our shared love of movement and an active lifestyle, whether it is training in the gym, practicing yoga in the park, or surfing, motivates us to produce comfortable and functional clothing for your use.

After in-depth research, in 2020 we launched our first collection consisting of recycled fabrics alongside natural fabrics, like organic cotton. We gave a lot of thought to the designs to help maximize the ability to move in them; we have chosen the most comfortable and pleasant fabrics – ones that you will not want to take off for even a second! Why? Because comfort is one of our top values.

We are committed to continuing to explore, innovate, and move forward; to sourcing the factories and partners that share the values ​​we believe in and meet the highest ecological criteria. We work to create positive change through responsibility and respect for the world in which we live.

Based in Tel-Aviv, we like to spend our time by the sea – feeling the salty breeze, watching the sunset, and being inspired by it.

Feel free to contact us and take part in our creative process! We believe that cooperation, honesty, and transparency will help us be better for you and will give you and enjoyable and relaxed shopping experience.

We are happy to meet you & hope you’ll join our movement!