Added Values

All of our clothes & packages are made from natural and recycled materials. We believe in slow fashion, taking our time, planning wisely and investing countless thoughts and care in every little detail or cut. We care about nature and we try to reduce its damage as much as possible.
Our garments are made from recycled and organic fabrics. These high-tech fabrics offer some of these amazing features: body enhancement, perfect compression, high UV protection, moisture wicking and a super soft feel.

All fabrics are dyed in eco-friendly dyes, while the resulting wastewater is carefully cleaned and cooled before it is released.
Our packaging bags are perishable, eliminating the need to throw them in the trash. The shipping bags can be recycled or buried in the ground & the packaging will decompose by itself. The product boxes are made of 90% recycled materials and designed in a manner to allow personal use afterwards (we promise to help you find an appropriate use). Moreover, every time you use one of our boxes, the companies with which we work plant a tree somewhere in the world. This way, we give back to our planet.
  recycled organic tree on every order